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How to Make Living Areas Accessible

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Many people with a variety of disabilities must adapt their surroundings in order to comfortably carry out activities of daily living. We have covered adaptations for the bedroom and bathroom, and now let’s consider some techniques to use in the rest of your house to make your home more accessible.

After you are done with your morning routine, you want to enjoy living in your house.

Whether you stay in your house all day or leave right after breakfast, the point is this: you should feel good at home. There’s no reason to have to suffer in your own house due to inaccessible circumstances, like not being able to reach a glass of water or open the door.

Reclaim your house by putting in place one or more of these strategies.

Place things in a reachable location

This might sound obvious, but it’s important to have objects placed at reachable distances.

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There are many adaptive aids that will hold objects within your reach. For example, Freedom Non-Skid Cupholders, which come in size large or small, are one way to keep a beverage within reach. Rather than having someone set your cup on a table, you can put it on this cupholder that features an easy-to-use suction pad base to prevent the drink from tipping and spilling.

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You can also get the Freedom Wheelchair and Walker Cupholder to attach to your wheelchair and take your cup wherever you go, inside or outside, at the dinner table or in front of the TV.

Use a reacher

You can’t put everything you own within easy reach, so for the rest of your stuff consider a reacher or grabber. Reachers are good for fetching those objects that you don’t use often that might be shoved on an old shelf or placed in a low cabinet. Reachers are also great for other activities of daily living like opening the door to the refrigerator or even slipping on a T-shirt. A great reacher has a lot of potential uses.

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This assortment of reachers, called the Economy Hip Kit, may help you get an idea of the kind of reacher that works best for you. The Economy Reacher features a squeezable handle that allows you to grip objects with the other end. The Dressing Stick features two different hooks made for pulling on shirts or scooping up out-of-reach objects.

Use ramps for thresholds

Do you have trouble rolling your wheelchair or walker over the threshold of your front door? Many homes might even have a small step that is impossible for you to roll onto without significant help and risk of injuries.

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Fortunately, there are many types of ramps out there, large and small. One that may be particularly useful is this handy EZ-Access Transitions Angled 12 inch Entry Ramp, which is height-adjustable and made specifically to get over thresholds or small steps.

Cupholders, reachers and ramps aren’t the only items required to make a home fully accessible, but they are a good start for thinking about what you need for your own special circumstances. Your home is your castle. It’s time to reclaim it.

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