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Dressing Solutions for Parkinson’s Patients

Dressing Solutions for Parkinson's Patients

Dressing Solutions for Parkinson’s Patients  Some of the most common problems experienced by a Parkinson patient include issues with balance, tremors, and finger dexterity. The inability to stand steadily while stepping into clothes is another issue. It is difficult for a Parkinson’s patient to button their


3 Best Bras for Post-Shoulder Surgery Recovery

Recovering from shoulder surgery presents unique challenges, requiring not just medical care but also careful consideration of what to wear after shoulder surgery. Recognizing the importance of comfort and support, Silverts is dedicated to providing adaptive clothing solutions that meet these needs with empathy and


6 Physical Activities for Older Adults to Increase Independence

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things we can do to maintain muscle strength and mobility as we age. Moderate daily physical activity promotes healthy aging, aids in disease prevention such as heart disease, and can help maintain independent living through healthy


4 Shoes for Elderly with Balance Problems

Balance loss is common with aging. While a decline in balance usually begins around 40-50 years of age, by age 65, most seniors will have one fall per year.  Supportive footwear plays a big role in keeping your loved one safe, especially for older people with


3 Best Walking Shoes for Seniors

As we age, our body changes shape – all the way down to our feet. Our body’s support system begins to spread due to muscle loss and years of supporting our own weight. Heat edema can cause swollen feet, further exacerbating existing foot pain. Suddenly the


How to Help With Aging Parents

As our parents age, life inevitably leads us to a role reversal that can be difficult to prepare for. It's a journey filled with tender moments, tough decisions, and the inevitable realization that time waits for no one. You want to provide the right amount


Checklist for Moving Elderly Parents (2024 Guide)

Moving is always challenging. This task becomes even greater when moving an older loved one into a new space.  Preparing in advance for this life change can help create a smoother transition when moving your aging parent to an assisted living facility or nursing home. When


When is it Time for a Nursing Home? 8 Key Signs

Making the decision to move a loved one into a nursing home can be a difficult choice. Living independently can become challenging for many older people, as well as for their family members and caregivers who help care for them.  Assisted nursing home care  offers daily


What is Adaptive Equipment? A Comprehensive Guide

As the saying goes, aging is filled with both beauty and challenges. While our minds may feel young and spry, the same can’t always be said of our bodies. Although slowing down physically can usher in a new stage of life, adaptive equipment and assistive


Does Medicare Pay for Orthotics/Diabetic Shoes?

Are you looking to purchase a pair of orthotics or diabetic shoes but are worried about the cost? Although therapeutic shoes can be costly, Medicare offers coverage through Medicare Part B (medical insurance) and this significantly lowers the cost to consumers. Find out how to get


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