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Fall Prevention: 8 Gifts for Seniors To Help Prevent Falls 2020

Gift Ideas for Seniors
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Are You Looking For a Gifts For Seniors To Help Prevent Falls?

It’s holiday season and it’s time to think of some Christmas gift ideas for your senior loved ones. Winter is not just cold, it’s difficult for a senior’s safety and security. And you want to get the perfect gift for your senior loved one that’s not just thoughtful but practical as well.

There are so many products to choose from and the ideas just seem endless. But some people may be struggling to find the right gift for seniors, they could be wondering what the best Christmas gift for older parents would be, maybe a thoughtful gift for grandma, or a practical gift idea for grandpa!

We have made the gift buying process easier for you. Check out some ideas that would be perfect gifts for seniors or for the older family members:

  • Adaptive Clothing
  • Slippers
  • Shoes
  • Assistive Devices
  • Medical alert devices
  • Comfortable socks
  • Wall Plug Lights
  • Non-Slip Floor Mats

What are the Benefits of Adaptive Shoes?

Great quality shoes that provide not just comfort, but security are important for seniors. It is not necessary for “old people shoes” to be plain and dull, it’s a myth! Adaptive shoes look great and they are highly functional because they fulfill senior needs while providing security and stability. An improper fit can lead to unnecessary aches, pains and other concerns.

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  • Antimicrobial: Helps Keep Foot Healthy and Free from Bacteria
  • Fluid Barrier: Great for Incontinence and Protects from Spills & Smells
  • Wide Width: Terrific for Swollen Feet or Ankles

Arthritis and diabetes often lead to swelling and it becomes extremely uncomfortable for elderly citizens to walk around with such discomfort. Adjustable openings and fasteners that feature on Silvert’s adaptive shoes, accommodate a swollen foot and the roomy fit allows for a comfortable walk.

What are Some Other Good Medical Alert Devices?

Medical devices are great to ensure the safety and security of your elderly loved ones. The personal response system is a popular choice for family members who are concerned about their senior loved ones falling. The Philips Lifeline AutoAlert service is a great optional feature that will automatically summon help if the person falls. There are many other such services and some of them are:  ADT, Alert1, Bay Alarm, Care Innovations, LifeAlert, LifeFone, LifeStation, Medical Guardian, Mobilehelp, and RescueAlert. Read about these options and see which one will be a better choice for your elderly loved one.

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Adaptive Clothing

The recent rise of adaptive clothes is making inclusive dressing available to more people than ever making the perfect gift for seniors. But adaptive clothing doesn’t just help those who wear it. It also benefits their caregivers as well.

What Does Adaptive Clothing Do?

Adaptive wear provides easy dressing solutions for seniors, disabled and wheelchair users. An open-back shirt allows the caregiver to dress the senior without making them stand. If you are looking for independent dressing solutions for your grandfather who has arthritis, for example, you can give him open-side pants so he doesn’t struggle or go through pain while dressing.

Could Your Loved One Benefit from Assistive Products?

Mobility equipment can range from a walker to a wheelchair to a cane. It can also include specialized grip bed handles, grab bars, hand-held shower heads, or furniture stoppers. All these options are great gifts for seniors and for family members so they can make their senior loved ones feel secure and safe at home. If you are looking to find something for a senior loved one who love to watch shows on the television, giving a gift that could help them hear better would be perfect!


Having a non-slip sole is very helpful for seniors who are walking indoors. Minor slips and falls can lead to major health hazards. Slip resistant slippers also accommodate feet with compression socks because they are quite roomy. The senior member in your family need to have access to the right slippers that won’t slide on the wooden floors that are not carpeted. These functional slippers could be a unique gift for older parents.


Anti-skid socks, also known as anti-slip socks, are perfect for autumn or winter seasons when the weather begins to get chilly. The effectiveness of non-slip socks in hospitals is worth mentioning because a patient wants to feel secure and safe especially when they are sick. The use of non slip socks in hospital is very important for a patients safety.

Why Are Anti-Skid Socks Ideal For Seniors?

Anti-skid socks are the perfect substitute for slippers, in case they want to wear something softer around the house or even if they are at the hospital. Slip resistant socks help reduce chances of falls and and these slipper socks don’t need to be taken of and your senior loved one can cozy up by wearing these while they are seated on the recliner. Don’t you think this will be the best stocking stuffer for grandma or grandpa?

Non-slip floor mats

Besides fall risk socks, there are other precautions one can take to safeguard our senior loved ones. Placing a non-slip mat near the bed is very helpful as it reduces the chances of falls and slides. Similarly, these mats can be placed in washrooms, kitchen or where the senior tends to go more. Non-slip shower mats also offer great length, stick to most plain surfaces and keep seniors from tripping while they shower. Floor mats are not just practical but very thoughtful gifts for senior parents or your grandparents!

How Can Wall Plug Lights Benefit Seniors?

A nice wall plug light could be a unique gift for seniors and older parents who live at home. It looks nice and its functional too. Many seniors who have not yet downsized yet live at home. Wall plug lights are great for extra light around the house and they provide a proper view in case your senior loved one gets up during the night for a trip to the kitchen or bathroom. There is a great variety on Amazon otherwise any local home hardware store also carries wall plug lights. Wall lights could prove to be very beneficial for fall prevention. They could also be a great last minute gift idea!

Do you have a great gift idea in mind that we may have missed out? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  • Great Information. I am interested in helping seniors. One way is to help select a safe slipper. Are there any concerns that would prohibit a senior from using your ideas? I enjoyed your post and will be coming back. Be safe.

    January 29, 2021

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