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5 Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Senior Dads 2020

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Are you not sure what to get dad or grandpa as a Father’s Day Gift? It can be hard to think of something forget your aging parent or grandparent on Father’s Day. Senior dads have likely received every gift in the book over the years, so it’s time to get creative! Honor your father or grandfather with something just as meaningful as it is practical. A last-minute present may end up being the best option, too!

Here are 5 practical gifts for senior dads on Father’s Day.

Celebrate His Memories

Dads and granddads have an entire lifetime’s worth of memories behind them. But often their photos and memories get stuffed in an old shoe box at the bottom of their closet. Honor his happiest moments by creating a calendar, photo album, scrapbook, or video reel of whatever you can gather from his past. Try getting creative by asking family members of their fondest moments with him and add that to your scrapbook. You will be surprised of what great memories and gems all family members might be able to find!

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Personal Care Services

If you find your father or grandfather is having more and more trouble completing everyday tasks, buying him some services could help. Is he having trouble with getting his three meals made every day, hiring a cook to meal plan for him can be a great help. If he needs a laundry service, arranging someone to come in to clean up and do laundry once a week, even just on a trial basis or a few months! Even if each of these services is only a few times a week, it can greatly improve his quality of life.

If you are finding he needs more help on a regular basis, look into government run care services. If your father or grandfather meets the requirements, they can be allotted a certain amount of hours a week to get help which includes anything from cooking and cleaning to getting dressed in the morning or helping them through their morning routine.

Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing is essential for the aging parent or grandparent as well as a good Father’s Day Gift. Whether they continue to dress independently, or they have a caregiver help them with assisted dressing, there are many options at Silvert’s that will ease the struggle of daily dressing.

Magnetic Clothing:

Magnetic button shirts come in great dress shirts; get your dad a magnetic buttoning dress shirt for the big day! These shirts have faux buttons that are actually magnets, this way he can still look sharp but not have to worry about pesky buttons.

Easy Touch Openings:

Easy Touch pants are a great tool for independent dressing as well. These pants have easy touch fastenings on either side (similar to VELCRO®) so he can have wider openings to pull his pants up. Doing them up is much easier as well, now he simply pats down the easy touch fastenings, instead of having to worry about a zipper and buttons.

Shoes & Slippers:

Wide width shoes or slippers could be the perfect gift. Have you noticed him walking around with holes in his shoes? Or that he has had the same slippers for as long as you can remember? As we age our feet tend to swell, so maybe switching to a wider shoe or slipper can make walking much more comfortable for him, indoors and outdoors. Easy touch fastenings instead of laces can greatly improve putting his shoes on and taking them off. Hand dexterity can diminish with old age, so getting shoes with easy touch closures can let him get his shoes on and off with ease.

Open Back Clothing:

Does your father or grandfather require assisted dressing, having a caregiver get him dressed in the morning and at night? A large selection of clothing that fastens at the back is available online. This clothing comes in both tops and bottoms. The top having snap dome closures on either shoulder to allow the top to be opened up completely. This is perfect for any problems with arm mobility. No small neck holes and no need to lift arms with these tops! The pants are a similar fashion, with snaps at the back, so that pants can be put on from a seating or even lying down position.

Online catalogs are available, or you can order a printed catalog, this way you can go through it with dad or grandpa and he can pick something that he loves!

Adaptive Tools:

Inventions designed for seniors are very helpful for daily tasks. Consider your dad or granddad’s small struggles, and give them the tool they didn’t know they needed! Adaptive items such as eating utensils for Parkinson’s patients, swivel cushions for easy seated rotation, and stair climbing aids improve elderly loved ones’ lives while keeping their independence intact.

Your Time:

Spending time with your loved ones is always a wonderful idea. It’s not too late to create lasting memories for both you and your father or grandfather. Plan an event. It can be something as simple as setting up weekly phone calls with him. If you live far away, a phone call every week will still give him something to look forward to.

If you live closer plan a day, it doesn’t have to be every week. But maybe every other week plan an outing with him. It can be as easy as sitting at home and watching his favourite sports game with him, to going grocery shopping with him every week. Finally, you can plan something a bit bigger for father’s day. Find out what he likes to do or something that he loved doing when he was younger and make a day of it! This might be dinner at his favourite restaurant or a movie that he wants to see. Being the present is the best gift of all!

Father’s Day this year falls on Sunday June 16th

So make sure if you are ordering online that you order with enough time to deliver! If you are putting a scrapbook or photo album together, getting everything ready ahead of time will be easier so you aren’t rushing last minute! Do a little bit each day and be prepared with the perfect Father’s Day Gift, after all, he deserves it!

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