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Thinking About Taking Mom on Vacation? (Part Two)

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Thinking About Taking Mom on Vacation? (Part One) offered a range of vacation possibilities and insights about traveling individually or with a group. This blog offers tips on paying attention to the mature traveler’s needs.

Before the trip

As you make reservations, ask about discounts for people over 60 years of age.

Consider trip cancellation insurance.

When choosing your destination, be aware of varying climates and altitudes.

Does the destination require additional immunizations?

If you are traveling abroad, research foreign country medical insurance. Medicare does not apply outside the United States.

If stair-climbing is going to be a challenge, plan accordingly. Research wheelchair rentals and accessibility ahead of time.

Plan for back-up activities for rainy days, long flights, and airport delays. Pack notebooks and headphones. Also keep books, games, and crossword puzzles handy. Download favorite movies and music ahead of time.

If Mom can’t handle her own luggage, plan for luggage handlers.

If Mom wants to bring the pooch, locating pet-friendly accommodations is easy on the Internet.

Pack extra medications, an extra set of eyeglasses and reading glasses, snacks, and supplies for special-need diets.

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On the road

Learn Mom’s routine ahead of time. Does she have a regular naptime? Bed time? Try to stick to that routine as much as possible.

Be especially careful regarding high-altitude destinations. Acclimate slowly, and take it very easy the first few days.

Intersperse high levels of physical activity with quiet times together, like reading, taking a walk, and watching a movie.

Encourage everyone to keep a trip journal and take pictures.

Every trip comes to an end

Schedule time later to look over photographs and journals. It may not have been a perfect trip and everything may not have been all you hoped it would be, but the special moments you shared together are what you will all remember.

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Joy Loverde is the author of the best-seller, The Complete Eldercare Planner (Random House, 2009) and Who Will Take Care Of Me When I Am Old? (Da Capo, 2017). Joy’s media credits include the Today Show, CBS Early Show, CNN, and National Public Radio among many others. Joy also serves as a mature-market consultant and spokesperson for manufacturers, corporations, law firms, financial institutions, insurance, associations, healthcare organizations, senior housing, and other members of the fast-growing eldercare industry.

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