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Healthcare Aide Day

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October 18 is Health Care Aide Day in Manitoba and British Columbia. Health Care Aide Day recognizes the work of individuals who provide care for the elderly and senior citizens. Health care aide workers work in a variety of settings, including home, community and residential care enabling the vulnerable citizens to lead and maintain an independent life.

Health care aides are on their feet for much of their workday. Many aides work in environments that require varying levels of physical exertion to transfer patients, use and move equipment and provide personal care.

How can family or community members at professional organizations acknowledge the work of these women and men who work tirelessly to assist the vulnerable citizens?

Practicing empathy:

It is natural for family members to worry about their loved ones and in moments of extreme stress lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings. Health care aides require patience and understanding because their patients may have mental or emotional challenges, in addition to physical limitations. Empathy from both sides can lead to improved communication, adherence to medications and fewer likelihood of mistakes.

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Paying attention to non-verbal communication:

Many health care aides work at residential care facilities and the tasks include physically demanding chores like lifting the patient or moving equipment. On some days these tasks can take a toll on the health care aide, it is better to watch for some non-verbal cues that denote physical exhaustion or mental stress. At times, a little rest can lead to improved performance and enhanced focus.

Observing and discussing patient needs:

Regular discussion of patients needs can alleviate the stress related with certain unexpected issues. Having access to amenities that can make life easier for the patient and the health care aide can prove to be resourceful. For example, easy living, dressing, and eating solutions can save time and reduce stress for both parties involved. Having the right equipment at home or having access to adaptive clothing can relieve stress and provide ease to the patient as well as the health care aide or caregiver.

Health care aides and caregivers deserve appreciation, acknowledgment, and recognition. On this day let us honor these valued health-care team members who provide assistance and support to those who need it the most.

What do you think about the Health Care Aide day? Share your feedback in the comments section below!

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