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Best Gift Ideas for Grandparents 2020

Gift Ideas for Grandparents
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What is the perfect gift for Grandma?

Shopping for a grandmother can be a piece of cake, especially when taking the heartfelt route. A “World’s Best Grandma” apron, homemade scrapbook, or picture frames (complete with photos of you) are a few no-brainers in terms of meaningful presents. However, your grandparent may have already been gifted everything under the sun, so giving her something practical might actually be the most thoughtful solution.

Here are our gift ideas for grandmother and grandfather:

  • Tablet/ iPod
  • Adaptive Clothing gift pack
  • Wide slippers
  • Subscription service
  • Therapy Lamp
  • Pair of glasses
  • Slippers
  • Fancy glass set
  • Bed side organizer

Does She Need Tech?

Technology is an essential part of modern living, and it has the potential for a huge impact on the lives and wellbeing of seniors. Tablets and iPads are particularly helpful, since their capabilities are so vast. Brain games, health tracking, music, movies, reading, and more can be done on the small, lightweight devices. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

What is Adaptive Clothing Gift Pack?

Clothing for seniors is always a good choice, especially around the holidays when the weather calls for warm layers! Adaptive clothing is a plus, as their designs make things easier and safer for your grandparents’ caregivers. Silvert’s has gift packs to make the choices simpler and more of a bargain for you. The 2-pack of open-back flannel nightgowns is perfect for cold nights; the 4-piece pack which includes two nightgowns and two pairs of non-skid socks is also a great gift.

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How About a New Pair of Slippers?

Wide slippers are useful to older adults for many reasons! Because their feet are prone to swelling due to factors like diabetes, edema, and weight fluctuations, it can be difficult to put on regular shoes and dangerous to wear oversized ones. Silvert’s extra wide slippers are bestsellers especially during the holidays, since they fit well, are cozy, and prevent falls.

Would a Subscription Service Be a Good Gift?

Monthly or bi-weekly subscription products and services are all the rage as of late, and there are tons of fun options for an aging parent or grandparent. GrandBox is a care package that comes every month with treats, apothecary, activities, memorabilia, and more depending on that month’s theme. Knit-wise sends quality materials and instructions for knitting at home. Magic Kitchen is a meal plan that can accommodate diet restrictions and discount for seniors.

Does your Grandma struggle getting dressed?

Have you been noticing that grandma is having a little difficulty moving about? Chances are this affects her morning routine and more important her every day dressing. Try giving her a new pair of beautiful elastic waist pants, this allows grandma to simply pull on the pants with a comfortable, stretch elastic instead of struggling with buttons.

Elastic waist pants for arthritis
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What is the Purpose of a Therapy Lamp?

People of all ages, especially women, are prone to low mood during the winter season. Depression and aging are also commonly linked for several reasons. Therapy lamps brighten the home and enhance the mood by tricking the brain into thinking it’s receiving the same amount of sunlight as the summer months. Philips makes a bestselling light/clock hybrid that mimics sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the evening.

Visits from You

This one is probably the easiest and the hardest all together. It’s hard to take time out of a busy schedule, but they would definitely appreciate spending some time with their grandchild.

What’s The Best Gift For a Grandfather?

Gift ideas for a grandfather can be near impossible. What do you get your grandfather who doesn’t need anything?

Does Your Grandparent Need A New Pair of Glasses?

It seems like once someone gets older, they become a little more stubborn in getting new things. Surprise your grandfather with a new pair of glasses that he might need more than he realizes. You can only put so much duct tape on a pair of glasses!

What Makes a New Pair of Slippers from Silvert’s different?

You may hear “but they are my favorite pair” or “they fit just right”, and look, we get it, once you find that perfect pair of slippers you just want to wear them forever. But unfortunately shoes don’t last forever. But here are some tips to get him a new pair that he will equally love.

  • Wide: Getting a pair of slippers with a wide width will give him a little extra wiggle room so that there isn’t any pressure or worry of having to work them in.
  • Adjustable straps: Give him a slipper with lots of adjustability, with VELCRO brand closures or other hook and loop fastenings. This will make sure that his foot is secure but still making the slippers easy to get on.
  • Slip Resistant Sole: Keep them safe with a slip resistant sole to avoid slips and falls. He may not think he needs it, but it will definitely be helpful on slippery surfaces.

For an excellent selection of slippers with all of these important attributes, click here.

Does Your Grandfather Enjoy the Occasional Glass of Whiskey?

Getting him a handsome set of glasses for his evening drink, with a fancy glass set. Look into personalizing the set, making it a gift he definitely has never received!

Magnetic Button Up Shirt

Let him look his Sunday best without the struggle of small buttons. This magnetic buttoning shirt replaces buttons with hidden magnets! This will make him feel more independent and make that morning routine just that much easier. He can continue to dress up with ease.

Bed Side Organizer

Does your grandfather like to read? Maybe the paper in the morning or a book in bed at night. Get him an organization box, this can be anything to go on his bedside table with labels of what to put where. This way his bed time reading glasses can go somewhere safe and not end up under the bed! Fill this organizer with things you think might be helpful before bed. A new pair of reading glasses, a book and maybe even some nice lotion.

Open Side Trousers

When dressing becomes a struggle with old hands and not as much endurance for putting on tight pants in the morning, these open side trousers are just the thing for him. Adjustable fastenings are great to replace buttons and zippers, and with both sides opening, getting into them every morning can be done with ease.

Has This Helped in the Search For the Perfect Gift?

These are some ideas to get your gears turning, getting a grandparent can be hard because you want to get them the world, but sometimes all they need is you. Make time to visit them and bring activities. Even small chores or home projects that you can bring over, they will be more than happy to help you and it will give you something to do while you are there.

Did we miss something? As always, if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments below!

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