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How Can Seniors Have Access to Essentials during COVID-19 Isolation?

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Due to the global pandemic caused by Coronavirus (Covid-19), many families are forced to practice self-isolation. With self-isolation comes the concern for family members and their well being. Those with elderly parents or senior grandparents are more concerned because the elderly are more vulnerable to this new virus that has gripped the world. It is becoming increasingly essential for seniors to have access to important items in the safety of their homes. Services such as high-speed internet, home security, medical devices help a senior live life independently. A lot of pharmacies deliver medications at home when its time for a refill.

Seniors with underlying health concerns are required to practice a lot of caution and self isolation, social distancing. Quarantine is one of the most important measures for safety and health.

Risk of severe disease in seniors may be higher if they have a weakened immune system. This may be the case for:

  • older people
  • people with chronic disease (for example, diabetes, cancer, heart, renal or chronic lung disease)

Other crucial recommendations for older citizens include:

  • Staying away from crowded places
  • Washing hands properly and frequently
  • Sneezing or coughing into the sleeve
  • Not to touch face (eyes, nose or mouth)
  • Social distancing
  • Nutritious intake of food
  • Proactively watching for symptoms

Family members are rightfully worried about the safety, security, and ease of their senior loved ones who are isolated at home or under home care. With all the technological advancements, it has become easier for friends, family, and relatives to stay connected but how do we make sure our seniors can have all the essentials delivered to them when they need it?

Let’s explore some possibilities and ideas:

Food Apps

Using apps to get food delivered is no longer a method for convenience, it’s a necessity. During the Coronavirus outbreak, people have been instructed to adopt social and physical distancing not just from family and friends, but work and other social gatherings as well.

Having food or grocery delivery options is a safety precaution so your elderly loved ones don’t have to struggle to get the necessities. They can also opt for the “leave at my door” option which completely limits contact with anyone.

Here is a list of some food delivery apps that your seniors loved can use from their home:


While this app is only available in select U.S cities its quite simple to use. You simply enter your location and the app shows all the restaurants that are serving in your area. Save the delivery location so your elderly loved one doesn’t need to put it in every time. Some restaurants charge a delivery fee while some have promotions that include free delivery.


Foodora delivers all over Canada but in select areas of the city. So before you set up the app for your senior loved one, make sure they deliver that specific location you are signing up from. Foodora has a good amount of restaurants and a nice variety.  

Uber Eats

Eats is a very user-friendly app with reliable and fast delivery options. This app shares similar features with Uber, such as giving estimated delivery times and providing cashless transactions. UberEats is widespread so even smaller cities will see the ease of ordering through this app. With the Coronavirus spread, UberEats is waiving delivery fees from independent restaurants to support local businesses.


Serving food across North America, DoorDash is a quick and easy way of ordering food and having it delivered in a timely manner. The DoorDash app has many options to choose from, and in certain cases delivery is free for some restaurants on your first order.


Canadian company SkipTheDishes does exactly what it says. The app offers the capability to order food that can be delivered or for taking out. During the Coronavirus pandemic, they have taken the safety measures and suspended cash payments to minimize contact between customers, couriers, and restaurants.

Grocery Apps:


Delivering largely across the USA, what makes Post Mates different is that while it delivers your food, it also picks up grocery and other items as well. If your senior loved one needs a phone charger, kitchen supplies or staples, Post Mates can do that.

Instacart: Groceries Delivered from local stores

Serving customers in Canada, Instacart is great for those who are in isolation or quarantine. Your elderly parents or senior grandparents don’t have to go out of the house, sit in the car and enter a market full of people to buy what they need. Instacart has plenty of stores including Walmart where you can make purchases, pay and have the items delivered to the door.

This app also allows the user to see how many items the helper has placed in the cart and if they come across a problem, such as not finding a specific item, they can ask if the customer needs any substitute.

The user can also see where the delivery person is or how long they will take before they approach your house. Contactless delivery options minimize any contact, your senior parents or grandparents can pick up the items from outside the house. These helpful features are great for this difficult time when Coronavirus concerns have compelled everyone to practice social distancing and avoiding proximity to others.


With the Walmart app you can shop online and have two options: either pick up from the store or have the items delivered. If you have shopped at Walmart before you can opt for the easy option to reorder the last purchase.

If your senior loved ones are able to go the grocery stores, some markets across the U.S are offering special shopping hours for senior adults are vulnerable to potential complications from COVID-19.

These special hours will help people practice social distancing and keep older adults safe from overly crowded places.

Do you want essential clothing for seniors delivered?

Unlike traditional attire, adaptive clothing provides functionality and comfort. Adaptive clothing offers dressing solutions that help reduce the physical strain on health care professionals and provides hygienic and easy dressing solution for the patient or senior in home care settings.

Self-dressing options are great for seniors who require easy dressing solutions to dress themselves. For instance, those with arthritis or other related concerns will find elastic waist pants easier to wear. Similarly, magnetic closing shirts for women and men are perfect for those with arthritis and Parkinson’s. Magnetic closing shirts are terrific for those with lowered hand dexterity because the closures are secured with hidden magnets.

Delivery Options for Adaptive Clothing:

Silverts has created solutions to help its customers during this difficult period when social and physical distancing has become mandatory. You can have all your adaptive wear needs shipped to your home. For family members who have elderly loved ones in senior care homes, nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and retirement homes, there is an option to have all items shipped directly to them.

In case you don’t see your loved ones facility during checkout, simply enter the facility address in the billing information.

Do you have any other apps or ideas to share with us? Leave a comment and let us know!

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The Giving Care Team is a group of senior and adaptive clothing professionals dedicated to helping the elderly maintain a comfortable and dignified lifestyle with tips and secrets on how to get the most out of life when disability and age fight to stop us at every opportunity. The Giving Care Blog is a resource for seniors, their families and caregivers.

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