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Best Gifts for Dementia & Alzheimer’s Patients

Best Gifts for Dementia & Alzheimer’s Patients

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s or dementia, finding them the perfect gift can be difficult. Many of the typical gift ideas for elderly people won’t be beneficial for them. To make your gift shopping a little easier this year, we have compiled a list


15 Best Gifts for Hospital Patients

15 Best Gifts for Hospital Patients

Holiday shopping for a friend or relative staying at a hospital post-surgery or for other reasons can be a delicate endeavor. Spending the holidays in a hospital is difficult for the patient and their family and friends, especially if they have already been in the


Best Gifts For Nursing Home Residents

Best Gifts For Nursing Home Residents

When someone moves into a nursing home, their lifestyle changes, and they no longer have as much space as they used to. This means your old standby presents may no longer be appropriate or useful for a nursing home residence and, therefore, your gift-giving strategy


Choosing Adaptive Footwear to Prevent Slips and Falls

Choosing Adaptive Footwear to Prevent Slips and Falls

Falls are one of the most common dangers to older adults, with about one in four older adults in the United States falling each year. Many of these falls are preventable, and wearing shoes at all times except sleeping is one of the best ways


9 Best Chair Exercises for Seniors

senior woman doing stretch sitting in chair

By pixs4u / Just because you’re wheelchair user or have limited mobility, it doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise. Chair exercises are a fantastic option for seniors who have impaired balance and struggle to work out while standing, which is why we’ve rounded up nine


Family Activities to Do with Grandparents During the Holidays

happy family portrait in dining room

By LightField Studios / As we head into the latter half of the year, holidays will begin showing up in quick succession, which is why it’s a smart idea to have an advance plan for what family activities you can do with the grandparents. Your


15 Adaptive Clothing Ideas to Try

15 Adaptive Clothing Ideas to Try

Want to learn more about adaptive clothing, but not sure where to start — or even what it means? While adaptive clothing is beginning to gain more mainstream attention, it’s still a relatively unknown niche in the fashion industry, and many people are unfamiliar with adaptive


How to Dress After Shoulder Surgery

a man at a Rheumatology consultation with a doctor

By Image Point Fr / Getting dressed after a shoulder surgery, or any kind of surgery that immobilizes your arm, can be a real challenge. In this quick guide, we offer six essential tips for getting dressed after shoulder surgery — from a one-handed dressing


How to Help Aging Parents Without Overstepping Boundaries

a group Portrait of a Happy multigenerational family sitting on a sofa

By vichie81 / Helping your aging parents just enough, but not too much, can make it tough to strike a balance that preserves your relationship and their independence as much as possible. If you’re not sure what to do, here are six ways to help