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Elder Loved Ones: Holiday Gift Ideas – Part 2

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The first of this series – Holiday Gift Ideas: Part 1– focused on gifts that are made by hand. But not everybody is inclined to go the creative route. Spending quality time together also relays loving messages.

Make the present your presence. Here are some meaningful ways to give the gift of your time:

  • Finger paint. You heard me right. Make a date to spend an afternoon together enjoying each other’s company and creating works of art. The fun continues when the final product is on display for all to admire.
  • Book it. If you like book clubs, why not start one of your own. Instead of meeting at your house, gather at your elder’s home.
  • Wheel your fortune. Pick one favorite television program your elder loves to watch; then make a commitment to watch that show with him or her one day a week.
  • Picture this. Volunteer to organize your elder’s photograph collection. Buy photo albums and/or photo boxes. Spend time together looking at the photos and putting them in order. A project of this nature can take years to complete – that’s countless invaluable hours of togetherness.
  • Lead the way. Chauffeur elders down memory lane by driving them around their old neighborhood and familiar places that hold special meaning for them. Pack healthy snacks and enjoy the sights as you munch away.
  • Get cozy with composers. Do your elders love musicals, spirituals, classical, jazz, or blues? Make a date to listen to the music together while sipping coffee or tea. Purchasing beautiful coffee mugs or tea cups will remind them of this special visit.
  • Work it out. You’ve heard of “Take your Daughters and Sons to Work Day.” Why not invite your elder to spend time with you at work? Won’t they beam with pride as you introduce them to your co-workers?  Keep the visit short, and time it right before lunch hours since spending an entire day together may be too tiresome. Take pictures of this memorable outing.
  • Keep it green. Working side-by-side in your elder’s garden offers many hours of chatting and reminiscing. Raised beds and window boxes are ideal for gardeners are living with physical limitations. A child’s wagon or wheelbarrow makes an attractive movable garden. Purchase modified gardening tools that are especially designed to assist those who have difficulty with grasping, cutting, and digging motions. Many helpful items are available at The Wright Stuff.
  • Every household has storage space that is unorganized and stuffed to the max with underused and forgotten items. The gift of organizing and downsizing is a wonderful way to spend extra time together. Offer to de-clutter a closet, a bathroom drawer, and even under the kitchen sink. If you’re really energetic you might tackle the garage, basement or attic. Put on some holiday music and have fun together.

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