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Dressing Solutions for Parkinson’s Patients

Dressing Solutions for Parkinson's Patients
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Dressing Solutions for Parkinson’s Patients 

Some of the most common problems experienced by a Parkinson patient include issues with balance, tremors, and finger dexterity. The inability to stand steadily while stepping into clothes is another issue. It is difficult for a Parkinson’s patient to button their conventional shirt due to tremors and that can lead to a lot of frustration.

The onset of Parkinson’s may cause minor to severe:

• Muscle Stiffness
• Muscle Rigidity
• Muscle Contractions
• Difficulty Standing
• Difficulty Walking
• Problems with Coordinated Body Movement
• Involuntary Bodily Movements
• Slow Uncertain Walk (Gait)

Parkinson’s patients can experience impaired balance, tremors, slow movement, and thinking difficulties. To help them feel safe and secure, clothing for Parkinson’s patients can be very useful and practical. Adaptive clothing can solve all these dressing difficulties with its functional features to make life easier. Whether you are looking for independent dressing solutions or assisted dressing solutions, Silverts Parkinson’s clothing can help resolve the daily struggles of getting dressed.

Adaptive Clothing for Parkinson’s patients:

Clothing for Parkinson’s patients should be easy to wear. Parkinson’s clothing by Silverts provides a solution to all these problems. With adaptive clothing features such as open back tops or side open pants, a patient or senior loved one does not need to stand to wear clothes and they do not need to raise their arms either. Adapted clothes can be slid on while the patient is seated. When it comes to struggle free convinient dressing, magnetic closure shirts resolve the problem of fastening buttons on shirts. When a Parkinson’s patient wears Silverts Parkinson’s clothing, they can just click the shirt opening without having to fasten conventional buttons.

Parkinson’s clothing by Silverts features struggle free dressing solutions for caregivers and those they care for. Adaptive clothing is designed to resolve the dilemmas faced by Parkinson’s patients and their caregivers. With our recently introduced Adaptive Kits, we have the perfect combination of basics in the Parkinson’s Kits.

Adaptive Shoes for comfort:

Parkinson’s shoes provide stability because of their slip-resistant features. Silverts has the best shoes for Parkinson’s patients because adaptive shoes offer a wide width for adjustment and Velcro fasteners make it easy to wear them. Skid-resistant features enable a Parkinson’s patient to walk steadily and helps prevent accidental slips and falls.

Adaptive shoes provide the security, comfort, and durability a Parkinson’s patient needs for everyday activities. One of the most important things to have in the house for safe walking is slip-resistant shoes and slippers. Slip-resistant slippers help prevent accidental slips and falls especially if the house is not carpeted. They are especially important when seniors make trips to the kitchen or late-night visits to the washroom.

How to make daily dressing and undressing easier for a Parkinson’s patient:

If you are a home caregiver taking care of a loved one who has Parkinson’s, have you developed a technique to save time and energy for daily tasks? Here are some helpful tips and ideas so caregivers can plan their routine to make caregiving easier:

Plan your routine:

Before it’s time for dressing or undressing a Parkinson’s patient, make sure they have taken their medications to give it time for effect. Getting dressed may be a very frustrating experience for a Parkinson’s patient, planning will give you enough time to make room for the unexpected.

Dressing tips:

Adaptive clothing is meant to provide ease for severe or debilitating health conditions. With functional features, adaptive clothing is easier to put on and take of. Some patients just find it easier to sit or lie down in one position when they are being dressed. Silverts wheelchair pants, for example, can be put on without having to make the individual stand up. If your patient or loved one about to wear a top, they do not have to struggle with narrow neck openings and the caregiver or family member can slip the top on and close the snap features at the back.

Choosing comfortable clothing:

Choosing the right fitting is another important aspect of dressing a Parkinson’s patient. Looser fitting clothing can help make the daily routine easier and it may not frustrate the person getting dressed. Adaptive gowns are not just loose, the soft fabric and open back feature provide extra comfort to the wearer.

Having helpful aids around the house:

As a caregiver, you can make the daily chores and tasks easier with some helpful aids around the house. Aids for Parkinson’s patients can help them even if you are not around. For example, one of the common areas where seniors tend to slip and fall is in the bathtub or the washroom. Strong and sturdy grip bathmats are useful when it comes to preventing accidental slips and falls. Having a specially designed raised toilet seat can make standing up and sitting down easier and less stressful.

Is your loved one suffering from Parkinson’s? Are there are any tips or suggestions you would like to share with us? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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